1. rcruzniemiec:

    Jose Romussi

  2. vanished:

    Annie Vought - In Other Words

  3. myedol:

    Quilled Paper Reproduction of Beck’s “Song Reader” Book Cover by Ham

    This is definitely the definition of a dedicated fan. Japanese artist Ham painstakingly re-created the cover of Becks “Song Reader” book by using nothing more than paper and some glue. A fantastic time lapse video is embedded below that shows the entire making process and it’s definitely worth a watch.

    Artists: | Website | [via: FormFiftyFive & JeannieJeannie]

    Must Watch:

  4. typethatilike:

    A Neon Muzeum in Poland


  5. Havas Paris 2013 Greeting card

  6. rcruzniemiec:


    Typography design based on the architecture of Tadao Ando. Chris Labrooy picked out his favourite buildings as a basis for developing some expressive letter forms. Included are: Chikatsu Asuka Historical Museum, Water Temple, and Naoshima Contemporary Art Museum Annexe.

  7. heykyle:

    Leaf Type []

  8. goodtypography:

    sabeena karnik

  9. photojojo:

    Ursus Wehrli is a Swiss photographer who takes his meals in alphabetical order. 

    (Via: NPR/ Krulwich Wonders)

  10. betype:

    BLOW Type

  11. visual-poetry:

    “words fail” by joe sheehan

    (photo credit: kallan macleod)

  12. Neon Installation (by joseph kosuth)

  13. katelogued:

    Branding for the Ruston Farmer’s Market. Design looks great, model looks bored as hell.

  14. type-lovers:

cardboard type


    cardboard type

  15. visual-poetry:

by gabriella narvaez


    by gabriella narvaez